Top 5 Recommendations for Winter Car Prep

Reflex Tuning - Winter Audi / VW Prep

Reflex Tuning - Winter Audi / VW Prep


In New England, as drivers we face elements that put a significant strain on our vehicles. Check out our list for priority items to have checked on your Audi or Volkswagen as we get into the winter season.

Snow Tires

Depending on your current tires, and vehicle, snow tires may be a worthwhile investment. Especially if your Audi or VW has sport or summer tires, snow tires are a great way to feel much more confident when driving in the winter elements. There are a few models of tires that we highly recommend. Call us today to see which ones are best for for your vehicle.

Windshield Wipers

Having the right windshield wipers can turn a un-driveable blizzard into a quick jaunt home in a storm. Most Audi and Volkswagen vehicles use factory specific wiper blades. This means that your local parts store may not have them in stock. We stock all factory wiper blades at below dealer pricing. We will install new wipers on your next visit for FREE!

Fluids (oil change, wiper fluid, power steering, etc)

This one is often more overlooked than the others. Low wiper fluid can be frustrating and dangerous. And while most contain an anti-freezing chemical, a low reservoir can freeze in the winter, potentially damaging components. It is a good idea to have a vehicle’s fluids checked before a big storm, or very low temperatures. And recently, we’ve started to offer BG Oil/Fuel Services. This well-known brand makes a great line of products to keep your Audi / VW running strong for years to come.

Brakes, Rotors, Calipers

While it’s not usually a good idea to hit the brakes too hard in the snow, we do recommend getting these checked before driving in more severe winter conditions. With stopping power already diminished due to the slick roads, it’s important to know the health of your brakes and related components. Old brake fluid can freeze during the winter months. Brake fluid is recommended to be serviced every two years.

Emergency Kit

Salt, First Aid Kit, Shovel, Brush, Flares, Charger, Blankets

You never know what you’ll need if you end up on the side of the road. Some Reflex Tuning customers come all the way from Vermont, Maine, and Northern NH – all areas that usually get significantly more snow and lower temperatures than Southern NH. Being prepared can turn a bad situation, into one that can be managed much more easily. Whether it’s a vehicle stuck on snow, or a dead battery in a blizzard, the right emergency kit will have you ready for whatever nature brings this winter!

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10 Years and 100 Reviews

After 10 years in business I would like to thank all of our loyal customers for helping us reach 100 Google Reviews!

Every customer is so important. We truly appreciate the word-of-mouth advertising. It is more than just fixing and maintaining Audi’s and Volkswagen’s here at Reflex Tuning.

What I am most passionate about is the customer service side of things. I love helping our customers and ensuring that they are getting the best service possible.

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– Heather Zaccone


Some recent reviews from a few of our awesome customers

Heather and her staff are awesome. You can tell they take pride in the service they provide I won’t take my 2010 audi q5 anywhere else. Great convenient location too.

We have been relying on the Reflex team for many years in maintaining our two Audi’s. We love the cars but especially love the way the cars are repaired at Reflex whenever they need a helping hand. We prefer to keep our Audi’s for many years. This goal has been possible through their careful diagnostics, great expertise and the responsiveness to any challenge we present them with (and we have had a few over the many years). Highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed.

Reflex performed a pre-purchase inspection for me, as I was coming in from out of state. They discovered some interesting issues that I would not have found doing the inspection myself. They were thorough with the report and excellent about communication, going out of there way to achieve stand out service. I would absolutely recommend this company for future inspection and mechanic services.

New Brand Updates at Reflex Tuning

Recently, we’ve had a few updates at the shop.

And as we continue to grow and provide New England Audi and Volkswagen drivers with the excellent service we’ve become known for, we want our brand to reflect that core focus.

New Logo

Reflex Tuning has a new logo. And after a few revisions, we decided on this one. We know that like any of our favorite brands, such as Audi or Volkswagen, it’s important to evolve with the times. And while we love the MK1 Reflex Tuning logo, we all agreed is was time for a MK2.


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If you haven’t heard, we’re offering free oil changes to customers that refer a friend to us. Also, your friend will get their second oil change free!

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More Brand Updates

We are looking forward to continuing to provide New England’s Audi and Volkswagen drivers with the top-rated service we’ve become known for. Keep an eye out for a new website, which we hope will make it even easier for customers to book appointments and get information about their vehicles.


Reflex Tuning Referral Program

Got a friend with an Audi or VW?

We just updated our customer referral program for those who send us a friend or family member with an Audi or Volkswagen.

When you send us a referral, either online – or with one of our new referral cards, you get a free oil change, and your friend gets their second oil change free!

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Reflex Tuning Quarterly Raffle!

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Audi and Volkswagen Exhaust Sleeve Clamp Replacement

Did you know that Audi and Volkswagen vehicles come built with stainless steel exhaust systems? The exhaust systems are designed very well. However. there are two weak points in the system which are the exhaust flex pipe and the exhaust sleeve clamp. The NH and New England climate can cause these parts to fail prematurely.

Preventive maintenance on these parts will save you from a tow bill like the customer in the video. Luckily this customer had the car towed in right away and did not drive further. Driving on the failed part would have done major damage to the exhaust system.

The exhaust sleeve clamp connects the two parts of your exhaust together. Most cars no matter what the make has something similar to this. Watch the video to learn more!


One of the major maintenance items you want to consider on your Audi or VW is to change the accessory belt and tensioners around 100k miles.

The accessory belt is driven off the lower part of the engine and drives the alternator, power steering, air conditioning compressor and supercharger (if applicable).

Overtime the belt becomes worn in the grooves and can start to crack. Failure of the belt will result in a break down and the car will need to be towed.

If you are having your timing belt service done we do this service at no extra charge for labor as these parts need to be removed.
If you have a timing chain engine…consider doing this service at 100k miles.



Pre Purchase Inspection on a Used Audi or VW

Are you thinking of purchasing a used car in the NH/New England area? Without a doubt you should have it pre purchase inspected before you buy the car.

Ever buy a house? Having a home inspection is necessary prior to purchase. A car is no different. Your vehicle is the second largest investment next to a home. Having Reflex Tuning do your pre-purchase vehicle inspection will ensure you are making a smart purchase.

In our pre-purchase inspections we cover the following:

  • All NH state inspection related items:
    • Suspension
    • Glass
    • Tires
    • Leaks
    • Exhaust
    • Wheels
    • Doors and window function
    • Exterior body damage and rust
  • Scan all computer modules to check for codes
  • Run a CarFax vehicle maintenance history to check for previous repairs and maintenance items
  • Check for previous body damage and paint work (parts that have been painted will weather differently overtime)
  • Using some common sense and some Google searching



This is a true story on a pre purchase we did for a new customer a few months. After noticing some poor paint work on the front of the car we did some digging and found that the car was actually totaled before.

Have you seen the new construction at Reflex Tuning?

New Construction at Reflex Tuning Audi and VW Shop

There’s New Construction at Reflex Tuning!

If you’ve been to the shop lately, you may have noticed a few changes.

Recently, we’ve moved our parts inventory, and expanded our shop areas. Soon we will be installing an additional two vehicle lifts!

These new lifts will help us continue to provide the highest quality of service to our customers efficiently and effectively.

In addition to these service lifts do not forget we have our alignment lift as well!

Visit the shop.

If you’re new to Reflex Tuning, and in the New England area, and you love your Audi or Volkswagen, come check us out.


Reflex Tuning is a top-rated independent Audi/VW service shop.


We specialize in these vehicles and know them inside and out. Have confidence in driving your car knowing you are in good hands for many years to come.

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